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Main Phone Contact- 770-337-9426

If you must re-schedule a session, please provide at least 24 hours notice- or no later than first thing the morning of your session.

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60 Minute Table Massage Specify problem areas or enjoy a full-body massage that takes advantage of Jeffrey's intuitive abilities to find and relax your tension. This renewing service addresses pain relief, stress reduction or an overall body tune-up.
  Package of three - 60 minute table massages
  Package of five - 60 minute table massages
  Package of ten - 60 minute table massages
90 Minute Table Massage This service allows for extra time to be devoted to your problem areas and leave plenty of time for the rest of your body. If you have never had a 90 minute session, you will be surprised at how the additional 30 minutes can make you feel.
  Package of three - 90 minute table massages
  Package of five - 90 minute table massages
Back Massage
This 45 minute session targets most clients' number one problem area - the back! Jeffrey utilizes specific techniques designed to release tension and discomfort in the back muscles. It's great to do if you don't have time for a full hour but you still need some concentrated work done on your neck, shoulders, and back.
Foot Reflexology
Jeffrey starts with an epsom salt foot soak, followed by a foot massage designed to encourage relaxation and detoxification all over the body. This ancient form of massage will have you wondering why you never tried it before.
Similar to Reiki. Specific points on the body are addressed and the energies of the body are balanced. Acupressure and gentle rocking are typical during a Polarity session. Clients enter a unique state of deep relaxation during this service. Experience a full Polarity session, or you may request to have some integrated into a massage. 60 minutes.
Hot Stone Massage
Find out why this 70 minute session is such a popular service. Smooth river stones are heated, glided and placed on your stressed and sore muscles to gently encourage relaxation. It is a more gentle version of the classic hands-on table massage, but it is still very potent and effective.
  90 minute hot stone massage session
Chair Massage
Sitting in Jeffrey's massage chair puts you in a comfortable position that has very little impact on any part of the body. The chair's design puts you in the same position that an unborn baby is in while developing in the womb. No undressing is necessary. It's a quick alternative to the Table Massage and addresses the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. 20 minutes.
On-Site Chair Massage The only thing better than going for a massage is having the massage come to you. Jeffrey will come to you with his chair. The base fee covers travel within 5 miles of the office, as well as 1 hour of massage time minimum. Most clients plan either a 10 or 15 minute massage per guest.
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The Inspired Experience Create your Inspired spa event. For weddings, showers, parties' work-related meetings, girls or guys night out, or any time you want to treat your friends, relatives or co-workers. A variety of services designed to renew and relax. Massage, foot reflexology and a selection of hair services done in the location of your choice. Live piano featuring original compositions, Broadway, standards, and classical. Look to the future with Tarot Readings. Combine services to suit your event.
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